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Kicking it off with your wedding day hair prep and all the dos and dont’s along the way. 

As a freelance bridal specialist we understand the importance of choosing each and every one of your wedding day vendors.  These handpicked vendors after all are going to be part of your special day regardless of how big or small their role is, so having a professional with amazing talent is key, oh lets not forget a good vibe.

The best thing about social media is that you can find just about everyone on there and it is the perfect way to search for your wedding day hairstylist and get a feel of their work and if their work resonates with you and your style.

So you have found the the one (Hair stylist I mean) so its time to reach out and check their availability for your wedding date and get the ball rolling. Exciting!!

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Hair Trial:

So you are all locked in for your wedding day hair and now looking to schedule your hair trial. Whilst we do understand that this is not always an option, especially with destination weddings, we would highly recommend having one where possible.

Your trial would ideally take place after you have chosen your wedding dress so we can discuss your inspiration and requirements to compliment that neck line of the dress. The opposite applies for any hair accessories you have been eyeing up, we would recommended waiting until after your trial so you can choose a hair piece to compliment the style of your chosen wedding hair.

Your hair trial appointment would usually be scheduled for one hour and it is important that you voice to your hairstylist what you would like to get out of this appointment.  Some brides know exactly what they want and just want to have a trial run for peace of mind, others like lots of different styles and they are unsure what they would suit, usually through process of elimination and our years experience we create something inspired from all the images taking into consideration your overall stye. Lastly there are those who would like to see a couple of different styles, this would usually require extra time and cost so please chat with your hair stylist prior to discuss your requirements.

We always take lots of photos and notes from your trial to use a reference for the actual wedding day. Here are some trial notes:

- Please wash your hair the night before your hair trial and make sure your hair is fully dry.

- Send through your inspiration photos prior to your appointment and a photo of your dress.

- If you are thinking about extensions, make sure you discuss this with your hair stylist so they can factor this in to your consultation.

- If you are having hair pieces left out at the front to frame your face, it is important to take note of the length these are at the time of the trial and discuss if these need to be shorter on the day.

- Remember your trial will not be perfect, it is an indication what your style will be on your wedding day.

The lead up:


- Inform your bridesmaids of how you would like their hair styled.

- Let you stylist know if you will be have extensions.  Additional time may be required.

- Wear your extensions pre wedding to get a feel for them.

- Book your cut and colour appointment so it is fresh for the wedding

- Pre arrange breakfast, snacks, drinks for the wedding morning 

- Delegate. Whether its checking the boys are on schedule, picking up the coffees, steaming the veil, delegate the lot.


- Have a drastic change of colour or cut (Save it for after the wedding)

- Ask everyones opinion. Guarenteed your Best friend and Aunty Karen will have different opinions. Trust your gut and ask one person who knows you the best to give you an honest answer.

-Apply a hair treatment the night before your wedding


Most hair stylists will tell you exactly how much time they require and it is amazing how fast your wedding morning will pass by.

If you are working with a wedding planner they will put your full run sheet together, but if you are doing it yourself we recommend allowing an one hour window at the end of your glam appointments which allows for final touch ups on everyone,  running late (it can happen) getting your dress on, shoes, accessories, etc, ready for go time.

We have put together a mock schedule for you:

8am Maid of Honor (Someone reliable that you know won't be late)

9am Bridesmaid

10am Bride (We recommend that the bride be scheduled somewhere in the middle)

11.15am Mother of the Bride (If Mums are blowdries its usually good to have them towards the end of the schedule.

12pm finish

We work closely with your makeup artist on the day ensuring that our schedules align.

Hair Prep / Night before:

Make sure you schedule to wash and dry your hair the night before your wedding.  There is an exception to this rule (you know who you are) and yes, for you, you can wash and dry your hair on the wedding day morning. Wash your hair twice and lightly condition the mid lengths and ends only.

Wedding Morning:

OMG!!  It’s your wedding morning, the door is knocking, it’s usually us btw!!  Usually we arrive 10 minutes early to get fully set up before our start time.

Set the mood. Get the tunes going.  You know that you have already pre arranging snacks and drinks for your bridal party and that everyone will be there on time because of your wonderful organisation in the lead up, so relax ad enjoy. 

We hope you ahave the most magical day.

Your Beautiful Bridal Team



Kate Roberge Photography

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